Ahh Wayne Rooney

So I have an excuse to upload a picture of a prostitute.  Excellent.  I feel happier this morning.

I have a hangover today so I have no sympathy for anyone. Certainly not an over-paid footballer who is willing to throw away a marriage, nor his wife who stuck with him despite previous shenanigans – how dumb can you be? Oh wait a minute, he earns lots of money. She was clearly quite clever, now she is married to him, she can get a nice big divorce settlement. And the high-class girl who charges £1,200.00 a night – what an embarrassment to society. Though, I do have to admire her for being able to charge that much – in Hull, the adverts written in black marker pen alongside footways advertise sex for £20, and bum-shots for just £5.

Actually, I am starting to feel sorry for Wayne Rooney. All these women out there looking to take advantage of someone who just happens to be earning a lot of money, and he is probably too dumb to understand this. I hope he gets a large pay-rise to compensate him. And considering how much he earns a week, £1,200.00 is actually a bargain. That is like me being able to buy sex for the price of a pie.

Any young lady reading want a pie?! Later in the week though…I have a hangover and will be asleep by 7pm tonight.

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