Air Traffic Control

I recently upgraded my telephone to a HTC Desire.

I watched how people became consumed with their iphones – I wanted a Smart Phone too, but for many reasons, I really did not want to be part of the iphone gang – and also I didn’t think iphones were that good.

I do love my HTC Desire, except for the fact it needs recharging every day.

It seems every day I can get a new obsession on it. Whether that be monitoring earthquakes around the world, finding out the names of stars when I point my phone in the sky or telephoning people.

Today my new obsession is Air Control, a game which simulates the landing of various types of aircraft at an airport, which travel at different speeds and you have to try to ensure that they do not crash into each other.

Only problem now being is that it is a bit more difficult to get to sleep as I am trying to land planes whenever I shut my eyes.

I have included a link to the game online, but it is much better on a telephone.

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