Another Successful Weekend Navigated

Well that was another very enjoyable weekend navigated successfully. I am not quite sure if I will successfully navigate today, however. Wide awake until the early hours last night – falling asleep today. Surprise, surprise, Cilla.

I guess anyone who watched the Champions League final on Saturday does not need me to tell them just how out of this world Barcelona were. Amazing to watch – perhaps Messi is nearly as good as Dean Windass after all. Anyone who didn’t watch it seriously missed something special.  I am not sure if I have ever experienced as good a football team.

Also top of the list of priorities this weekend was watching Reading in the play-off final. Beaten by the better footballing team, Swansea, though I still think they were a good match for them – but Swansea took more of their chances.

At 3-0 down I popped over to the bookies to put a bet on Reading winning at full-time, at 66-1. You should have seen him sniggering at me when he was writing out the betting slip. I think the guy next to me was trying to point this out but despite asking him to repeat what he was saying three times, I could still not comprehend what he was slurring.  Even worse than me on Saturday night.

At 3-2, I got quite excited at the prospect of approx £400 in my pocket – but alas it was not to be.

Oh and I must mention some excellent little clubbing adventures, firstly Groovetech at Up The Junction on Saturday night with my good friend, Sam, playing a really enjoyable set, I was suitably impressed, and finishing on Stopover Goa – one of my approximately 100 top tunes of 2011 so far – one of my very very favourites. A very busy dancefloor towards the end – I like this place a lot – it is very basic in its simplicity, nothing pretentious with a friendly crowd.

And even better was Elsewhere at Afrobar on Sunday – a supremely enjoyable gathering with loads of good house music and similar other bits and bobs – I cannot recommend this enough. I hope that I don’t have to wait until the next bank holiday in August for another instalment! Hint, hint, guys, if you are reading.
And balls to my work deadlines – I have decided to spend the rest of my day looking at the website for Miss Raver 2011 – it isn’t the music I go clubbing for, that is just a smoke-screen. Honest.  Half of them seem to claim not to do class A’s…whatever.

I probably should stop staring at the hot young woman with great breasts every time she walks by as it is getting a bit obvious now, especially with my tongue sticking out and hands outstretched in a grabbing motion.

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