The Bank Know Who Is King

The bank know who is king – do you?

About 10 years ago when I worked at Natwest, I became inspired by a chav who wrote “Bad Boy” in his address, and decided I would change the salutation on my account to King.

The next day I was hauled into a room by management and it was explained how serious an offence this was, though I think they really did struggle not to laugh.  Anyway, I was requested to change it back.

Now address changes were an everyday part of my job but evidently I did not know how to do them properly as though my salutation is now Mr for most parts, it didn’t fully change back and I did not ever work out how to do so.

So sometimes on the outside envelopes, Natwest write to me as King.  Not on cards or cheque books, just on the outside of letters.

However when I recently opened an e-savings account (which incidentally now has a grand total of 30p in it), Natwest managed to open it with the salutation of King.  There was no request from me to do so.

So revel in the glory that you are reading a blog by royalty.

Have a spiffing day, old beans.

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