Big Brother Flooding

I did warn on Monday of the potential of a flooding event this week, and so we have it, a downpour which not only caused the Big Brother house to be flooded and therefore evacuated, but also shockingly gives me reason to talk about Big Brother, oh shame of me.  And hell, it gave Channel 4 a reason to extend the nightly show to 90 minutes.

But wait, I love Big Brother.  And I am not ashamed to say it.  Maybe other people who have watched it and don’t like it, watch it in a different way that I do.  It has taught me so much about people, about psychology and about society.  And I think it has informed society in many ways over the years too.  In way too many ways for me to be able to go into and provide enough evidence for to support my argument.

I don’t think Big Brother has always had a positive effect on society, in fact it has had quite a negative one at times.  And that is probably a reason why many people do not watch it.

But this particular series has not only been so entertaining, it has also been so enlightening as I can compare people and scenarios and psychologies to people around me, and it really has helped my understanding of the world, or my world at least.

There is only a week or so left but if anyone has spare time in their lives right now then I thoroughly recommend it.  It is the last series so the last chance to experience something which I think is so intellectually stimulating, and also emotionally stimulating, I really think it is must-watch TV.  And I tend to despise TV.

And when this series is finished, there is the ultimate Big Brother, featuring previous favourite housemates, which might be even more of a spectacle.

Big Brother has taught me so much, and I also believe society, so much.  Enjoy it whilst you still can!

Oh and I’m led to believe that my flooding prophesy may not have so much significance as the guttering in the Big Brother house was blocked with the housemates socks, which led the rain to filter into the air conditioning system.  Though it was quite a downpour still!

And one last thing, currently in research is a possible significant weather event Sunday/Monday.  Did anyone warn you before me?  If so, please let me know.  It might not happen, but I have concerns, the picture is finally becoming clearer and I hope to have a clearer idea tomorrow evening.

Oh and I have to say that I do love the irony about the weather taking control of Big Brother.  That really does make me chuckle, the more I think about it, it really does!!

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