Blogging, Drinking or Art?

I feel that I have been neglecting my blog over the last week or so.

The thing is though, nothing has really upset or annoyed me. I am rather content in life at the moment. Everything is OK.  I would have preferred a few more cuts in the spending review, but nothing enough to blog about.
The only minor quibble is that I do seem to be spending too much on drinking and going out as I do find it increasingly difficult to entertain myself.
Especially now nothing is annoying me enough to inspire me to have a rant on my blog. I think I might buy some paint and a canvas. I was terrible at art at school, and I am sure that I am no better now but I need to get my creativity out of me somehow, and if I am not inspired to write anything at the moment, and there is no dancefloor potential, then I conclude that maybe I need to paint.
I am not yet sure whether to replicate my previous artwork (a few blog posts below) which was just done in pastels, as I would like to see what it would look like in paint, or whether I should try something new.
I know that I could never replicate anything I see in life, in art. But I reckon I can replicate what goes on inside my wonderful mind when questionned.
So…will my weekend produce art…or will it just simply produce hangovers?

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