I feel the need to blog about boredom. It seems to be a common theme at the moment. I changed jobs a few months ago to get a new challenge but it and the lack of work are boring. I spend all day bored.
Then I come home in the evening and struggle to keep my rather active mind entertained being on my own. It will be much easier when I get the internet in my flat a week on Monday.
Of course I can go out, but I’ve done this 6 nights in a row to one extent or the other and my already depleted bank balance is further bruised.
I have to say that my blog really does help reduce boredom for me. It might increase it for you? I doubt blogging around perennial boredom will help me at all, but it has kept me entertained for 6 minutes now, and it is weather forecast night too! Woohoo!
I am working on long-term solutions. I do wonder if London is calling next year?
Right now, ibiza is calling, anyone want to go with me? I cannot afford it financially, but mentally I cannot afford not to go!
I need a short term fix for my boredom, so I’m going to go book shopping with some vouchers I saved for this kind of occasion.
I hope you are less bored than me. Big love to those who keep me sane, I’m always up for conversation.
And if anyone in Reading wants to be entertained tomorrow, come to the venue for garden of Eden and dance to some house music, it is good for the soul x

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