Cancelling My fabric Membership

The shame of it.

fabric, the esteemed nightclub which represents everything good about the underground dance music world, has branched out into selling energy drinks, named after their 30-hour parties ‘On & On’.

Not only that, but they are discrediting the name of one of my favourite DJs in the world, Ricardo Villalobos, I quote from the article “Anyone who’s seen Ricardo recently can probably tell you, sometimes these guys need something to keep their heads straight.”.

How dare they sell out?  And how dare they suggest that Ricardo needed a little straightening out?

What do you expect if you ask a DJ to start at 630am?  Of course he is going to get a bit tired and may need a quick hour’s snooze in the DJ booth after a few hours hard work.

I am so devastated that I am cancelling my membership, and will give my hard-earned cash to Ministry Of Sound from now on.

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19 responses to “Cancelling My fabric Membership

  1. Unless his april fool is pretending to be caught out by another april fool and then you've all benn fooled!

  2. LTRL = Learn to read labels:
    Labels: April 1st, fabric, Ricardo

    _You_ are the one who sucks!

    /Anonymous hero.

  3. I apologise, it was just too tempting.

    I am in a long-term relationship with fabric and have no intention of cancelling my treasured, and I constantly promote the benefits of membership to those I know.

    Sorry, have a good day x

  4. lol James! I thought either you had had a huge bump on the head or you were pulling our legs! You would come out in cold sweats after a week of knowing you were no longer a member of your beloved Fabric!!

    Karen xx

  5. you will need a brain with a little more RAM than this one or your idiot will constantly crash. also, make sure you dont install the operating system "winfield 4.0.1" as it has a load of buggs

  6. Dear James you ara such an inocent young man !!! Please check this out many many times as it may be April 1….And later you will be too sorry as I see from here that good quality electronic music is your reason to live. And most of all don t let so many strengers from internet to make a April Fool of you!!! You are to nice for that…..

  7. True, Fabric has a way better music policy than MOS, yet both share the same moron audience, making the them equally unenjoyable.

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