I thought I should communicate with my readers once more, I know I have been a little slack on blogging recently, but it tends to come in waves.  I did try to find a mathematical function to represent this, however I do not think there is a linearality to the distribution of posts.

Going on the fact that only two people read my post in French yesterday, that there was very little interest in this, so I have reverted back to English from now on.  For the 1065 readers (ok granted the absolute vast majority have only visited once and even then probably only enough time to scan the page for e-mail addresses to spam) who didn’t see it, I was speaking in French to mark my appreciation of the new treaty between France and England.  I drank some Kronenbourg and ate plenty of cheese.

Highlight of today, at least in the 9-5 bit (ok 9:15 to 5:25 bit…I struggled to get out of bed and therefore missed the bus again) could be the workgroup which has been set up by management at the company I work for, to try to find ways to improve communication within the department…the department is very large, at least 100 people, probably 200 in fact.

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I studied Business Studies at degree level (along with Economics) and I actually have quite a keen interest in how businesses are run, and how they can be improved, and I am actually looking forward to seeing how I can make an impact on something which is vital in all areas of life – communication.

So many times I have been frustrated in many areas of life by people who are incapable of communicating effectively and decently.  I really do appreciate the power of communication, and the joy that it can bring to people.  Positive communication does bring rewards.  Bad communication brings failure.

I’m not convinced myself that it is a problem at the company I work for, however it could always be improved, and I am quite pleased that I am getting the chance to help.

The only other thing on my mind right now is a increasingly problematic addiction that I have developed.  To Angry Birds.  Two nights potential sleep ruined by firstly playing it on my telephone until the early hours, then constantly seeing birds being catapulted into objects and green pig faces hiding from me.  Good job I don’t take acid.

Oh, actually, I nearly forgot.  I and many other amateur forecasters and model watchers, are getting quite excited about a developing low near Greenland, well I say it is developing – it hasn’t really started yet but will today I think.  It will dramatically change our weather and could have quite an influence.  The word ‘storm’ would be overblowing its likely development but it has potential.  It certainly will be noticeable, though I think the worst of it should be just to the west of the country.  It will bring heavy rain, gales and much colder weather from Sunday night into Monday.  I should have more to say about it tonight.

One more thing to communicate – have a nice day, spread the love and give me a hug if you see me.

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