Congratulations to Reading FC

I have to say congratulations to my adopted town and their football club in reaching the play-off final at Wembley.

When my home team, Hull City, reached the play-off final 3 years ago, with a chance of going into the top tier of football in England for the first time in their history, it was quite a momentous occasion.

It will be one of those days that I never forget, and so good that I got to share it with my sister, and my parents.  I don’t think any of us realistically ever thought that the football team which had been so uninspiring for most of our lives would actually reach the Premier League.  It was a dream for all of the people of Hull, who I remain fondly attached to (apart from those that mugged me, beat me, etc), despite having lived in the relative paradise of Reading for 13 years now.

Reading have become my second team, I always look for their results, as I have enjoyed living in Reading, and it has been pretty good to me.

So I am very pleased to see that they have reached the play-off final, and the Reading fans that I know, can experience the dream that I did as a Hull City fan – albeit it isn’t quite the same as they have been in the Premier League before, and did that via automatic promotion.

Reading is a very well run football club from what I see and read, and I wish that my football club, Hull City, had always been that well run in the past.

It invests in youth, doesn’t pay extortionate wages, and stays true to it’s local roots – which is how a football club should be run.

However, if anyone from Reading football club is reading this, please feel free to buy Jimmy Bullard from Hull City.  He went out on loan to Ipswich last season and turned their season around.  Only wants £45k a week.  Does adverts for shampoo.  And likes a drink or ten.  I’m sure he would fit in very well 😉

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