David Cameron Is Right To Play Poker With The Debates

David Cameron is right to insist on the Green Party being represented in the debates.
He has now stated that he will not take part in the debates without them and he is right to do so.
It is plainly unfair for Ofcom to grade UKIP and the Liberal Democrats are major parties, without grading the Green Party as a major party.  The Green Party also has an MP and is polling slightly higher than the Liberal Democrats on average.
As I understand it, there will be 3 debates – one with the 4 leaders, one less Nigel and the final just Dave & Ed.  There is no reason why the Green Party cannot be the 5th party in the first debate.
79% of people want the Greens included.
This just stinks of the general media bias towards the Labour Party, particularly the BBC.
Of course the other main reason for wanting the Green Party involved in the same way that UKIP are involved, is that the Green Party will bleed votes from Labour, the same way that UKIP will bleed votes from the Conservatives.
For future elections, there needs to be an agreed minimal poll share, or some similar qualification for each stage of the leader debates.
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