David Cameron Speaks My Language (at last)

“You will not see endless relaunches, initiatives, summits – politics and government as some demented branch of the entertainment industry. You will see a government that understands that there are times it needs to shut up, leave people alone and gets on with the job it was elected to do.

“Quiet effectiveness: that is the style of government to which I aspire. And I also know that because we believe in trusting people, sharing responsibility, redistributing power: things will go wrong. There will be failures.

“But we will not turn that fact of life into the tragedy of Labour’s risk-obsessed political culture where politicians never say or do anything that really matters, or really changes anything, for fear of getting some bad headlines.”

Ahh, responsibility, trust, redistribution of power…now that is what I want to hear 🙂 Not that I was ever likely to vote anything other than Conservative even if a green looney was running it, such is my hatred for Gordon the clown and what he has done to the country all in the name of keeping himself in power.

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