December Blog Stats Update

I did intend on doing this every month but it is probably only me that is that interested, but it is my blog so I am going to do whatever the hell I like with it, so meh to you.  I do intend on developing it a bit more, and perhaps redesigning it next year once I have learnt enough about web design to be able to do it.

My previous update in September is on the title link.

Last time I had had 2093 visits to the blog since I started in January – to date I have now had 4000 so had the same amount of visits in the last three months as I had in the first six.  This is 1490 unique visitors – last time was 706.  Approximately 0.000025% of the world’s population.

Gay Footballers is the most read post, followed by Cocoon In The Park.

I get about 20 visitors on the average weekday – much less on a weekend.  I recently matched my daily high of 58 visitors.

84% come from the UK, as opposed to 89% last time.  My international appeal is clearly growing!  I have now had visitors from 67 countries/territories.  One curious fact is that according to Google (which I am quoting here as they are more detailed), I have never had a visitor from China, but according to the stats provided from, I regularly get visitors from China.  How spooky.

My top tunes blog is finally also coming of age.

It didn’t get above 4 visitors in a day for the first two months, regularly getting 0 visitors.  Averaging at 2.

But since I wrote about “Walk & Talk” by Benoit and Sergio (my baby does something rhyming with hay all day) just over two weeks ago, I have been averaging 15-20 a day – with 28% of all pageviews for this one track.  Probably because it is near impossible to find out anything about it, and I am pretty much at the top of the Google rankings for this track.  I have quickly risen to 40 diferent countries – I would not be surprised if early next year, this gets more hits than my normal blog.  And only 55% are from the UK.

Visitors also spend about 33% more time on the top tunes blog than my normal blog.

Which goes to reason as there is probably more of interest to the average person in the world on my top tunes blog than my slightly inane ramblings that probably only appeal to a few uniquely special or strange people.

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