Digital Drugs

There is a whole new world out there guys, the Daily Mail have discovered the future – getting high by listening to music, oh my, what….music can change your emotions?

Fuck me.

You really do have to read the story first to understand I think.

Apparently you can download this shit, for free, man…I don’t know what to do any more.

You can get high from a download?


Please click the story link before you see my comments. Its in the title. The orange bit. Then click the back button once you have consumed. Do not stay at that website. Come back. Please.


Did you read it?


Have you ever thought about downloading music to make you high? Because I can tell you that I know a far more potent version that any of those offered, if you are interested?

I call it, “house music”.

But, shh, don’t let the Daily Mail know.

Much love.

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