Early Birds & Worms

Today, I am publicly admitting to failure.

Early this morning, I was awoken – I say awoken as after a few beers and a couple of glasses of wine and no food, I wasn’t exactly asleep enough to be awoken, just in some kind of zombie ‘i wish it were friday night’ limbo…anyway there is a story to tell and I shall endeavour to stop mumbling due to my deprivation of sleep and try to be a bit constructive here, so here goes…

It must have been around 530am, not exactly sure, I hear cries of “help”, “hello”, “is anyone able to help me” or something along those lines from a female voice…I drifted back into zombie land, not sure if it a dream or reality, but a few bits of time later, I hear it again and am up to investigate.

Alas, I was too slow in answering the calls.

It seems the rather attractive young lady in the flat below had got stuck on her balcony as the window had closed behind her, but by time I was dressed and opening the door I realised that a passer-by had managed to rescue her so I wasn’t required.

Another one for the missed opportunity list.

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