February’s Top 5 Tunes

I would like to point out the top 5 tunes, according to visits to my top tunes blog in February:

1. Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk (409 views)
2. Art Department – Without You (Jamie Jones On The Fly Remix) (14 views)
3. Pteradactil Disco – Big Ass Biscuit (10 views)
4. The Gathering – In My System (Jef K System Mix) (6 views)
5. Nicolas Jaar – Student Hairstyle (4 views)

I remain amused that one tune is more popular than all the others put together, though I think this is because for some reason if you search for it in Google, my blog post about it is on the first page of search results.  Quite why I am not entirely sure.

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