A Few Things Of Mild Interest

Most importantly for today, I have discovered that Angry Birds toys are available for sale on Ebay.  Not too late to get me a birthday present.  My desk at work is particularly boring.

At £10 though I might just get myself a badge for £1.50 (see title link).

I read quite an interesting article here about Berlin, and the anger that some of the locals are having towards the gentrification of the city (ie rich people moving in and their squatty dumps being replaced by nice flats) and that they are threatening to target tourists.  Won’t stop me going again – a fantastic city and well worth a visit, especially if you enjoy sunbathing in the nude which is perfectly acceptable there.

I might do a proper evaluation of the UK economy and the risks to it at some point, but all I am going to say is don’t worry about -0.2% GDP growth in Q4 of 2010 – the UK always gets a dip after coming out of recession, and with the bad weather, this is perfectly normal.  Plenty to be hopeful about – perhaps unless you are over-paid or lazy.  Or bought a way over-priced house/flat…especially flat as they are poor stores of value over the long term.  Seen any flats from previous decades that look nice?  Bet you have seen plenty of houses from previous centuries, let alone decades that are good though.

Also, I hear there is going to be a wine festival in Reading in June…bring on the wine!

Still waiting for my guest writer – if you are reading this, hurry up!

Oh and yes, as previously suggested you may see a snow flurry or two any time from tonight until Saturday but don’t be too expextant and if it does, don’t expect anything above the tiniest temporary covering.  It is going to be much colder though.

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