Good News for Sven!

Sven Vath and his partner have just had a baby boy born, Tiga.

It goes without saying that I would wish them well.  But I’ll say it anyway.  Congratulations Sven 🙂

I wonder if he has been named after Tiga the electro producer/DJ or if Tiga is a popular name in Germany?  Or if it has been inspired by the Party Animals theme?  Or because Sven is a Hull City fan (the Tigers)?

Oh, word of warning on the off-chance of any young attractive woman who would like to create babies with me in the future – firstly you will have to do a fair amount of persuading, I appreciate that I clearly have superior genes to many potential fathers of your wanted child, however I am quite happy with my life as it is.  Please remain patient.

Secondly, if I do ever crack (my mother does want to be a grand-mother at some point!), then I am fully set on calling a baby boy, Sven, and a baby girl, Tinkerbelle (I can be amenable on the spelling of Tinkerbelle if you wish).

I am aware that as one of the superior members of society that I should really be spreading my high quality genes more than the average person, so if you are a young woman that can contribute to affording a few babies then I will allow you to name the third, fourth, etc.

I think that is a good deal.

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