Good News To Finish An Uninspiring Week

I have to say that I haven’t been quite my usual cheerful self the last 2-3 weeks, I have been rather frustrated and unusually lethargic and tired.
I think I need a holiday. I only had one full week off in 2010 and that was in June – I really would love a week in the sun somewhere not the UK right now, or soon.
Sadly my finances and severely reduced annual bonus do not look like allowing this any time soon.
I might have to rely on winning a holiday! Not impossible – I won a weekend to Stuttgart last year. I am trying to enter as many as possible…or as many as I can be bothered to.
I have just won guestlist to the Cocoon Warehouse Party in London tomorrow which I am rather pleased about. This is the second good piece of news that has brightened an unspiring week up.
Though not as good as two of my loveliest friends announcing that they are expecting a baby – that really did brighten my week up!
One thing I have been particularly lazy with recently is my ongoing attempts to find new tunes – I haven’t really bothered the last couple of weeks and there is a definite and substantial correllation between discovering new tunes I love and my level of enjoyment of life.
So apart from Cocoon tomorrow night, I am also going to Watford with my lil’ sister to go watch the mighty Hull City. And to abuse anyone not from Hull. And hopefully have a couple of beers in the sun.
Not exactly the solution to my frustrations (lack of career opportunities, spending too much on rent still, not being able to afford Ibiza, lack of hot naked brunettes in my flat) but it should be enough to re-energise me, at least until the comedown!
I wish everyone an enjoyable weekend – enjoy the warm sunshine while you can (ie Saturday – keep your expectations low for Sunday but don’t rule it out completely). x

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