Gordon Brown Rumours

Apologies if I seem a little obsessed about Mr Brown, he has just caused me fair amoutn of misery and a lot of misery to many others (and a gilted glorious life for some lucky public sector workers).

Anyway the latest rumours are that he could take up a post in a university, possibly at Harvard or similar Ivy League university. Now what has he done, intellectually, to deserve this?

Further to this, it is speculated that he might run for head of the IMF (that is the International Monetary Fund, which rescues countries whose finances are badly run and have requested help to stop them going bankrupt) – now again, what credibility would the IMF then have if a country-bankrupting ex-leader became its head? Or does he want to make up for his disastrous mistakes by “saving the world once more”?.

Further to that, it is thought that he is writing a book about the economic crisis and his role in it. Will he admit his part in creating it? Or will it be full of insights such as his famous quote “We have abolished boom and bust”.

I really hope he doesn’t cause any more harm…

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