Happy Fridays

Well I feel like blogging so here we go.  No idea what is going to come out of it, nor whether there is any point to it, but I feel I should.  Like Gordon Brown would say “it’s my duty” and would probably not add “I have elected myself to this position and I like it, so go stuff yourself, unless you are from where I am from in which case you can build some great big aircraft carriers”.

He probably wouldn’t be singing the lyrics which are going around in my head right now.  Which I cannot sing out loud at work.  Nor can I really repeat here.  Well I could, but then you would think I had a girlfriend that didn’t wash her clothes.  Which I don’t.  Or you could just go to my top tunes blog and work out what song is top of my list.  Ooh maybe I will have to put a few more up there to make it difficult.

Still reading?  I’m still writing.  Are you dancing?  I’m dancing.  Well my feet are tapping away very merrily.  And I shall be dancing on Saturday night.  My favourite DJ is going to play my favourite nightclub.  I like DJs and I like nightclubs.  And I will have some most excellent companions.  Too fantastic for words right now.

It’s a shame that it may involve standing in the cold queuing up because nobody has tickets and it is sold out, but it shall be warm inside.  Are you disappointed with the lack of snow?  My forecasts always said “chance”.  I was never convinced.

What is quite exciting me is the potential for “Snowmageddon” on Tuesday.  Now it is really not possible to predict the exact track or development of the winter storm, but something is coming for Tuesday.  Ironically, the Met Office have just issued weather warnings for blizzards (not just heavy snow) and the latest GFS charts I have viewed (nothing to do with the Met Office, in case they are watching me again, bless their cotton socks) seem a tad disappointing for those that might want a free day off, but I still say 70% chance of an absolute blanket of snow, probably worse than anything last winter threw at us.  So there.  Go dig it.

Not sure I agree with these latest charts full stop as they extend the cold snap right through to 12th December.  Goes against my surprisingly mild December forecast.  Urm.

And tonight – doesn’t really link in does it.  Think again, James.

Tonight I forecast much fun and frolics at the delightfully enchanting Oakford Social Club thanks to the return of a certain fabulous friend.  I forecast I get drunk.  I’m still playing that damn song.  Still want to sing those lyrics out loud.

Oh and another thing that tickled me – “Dane Bowers arrested in mephedrone probe” on Mixmag.net.  I was never one for feeding plants.

I trust I have just made your world that little bit more special than it already is – as it must be a special world if you are in your world.  Ahhh.

Kisses!  Hugs!




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