Happy Tuesday! And Happy 60th Birthday Father!

I know it’s naughty but I’m going to take 5 minutes out of my working day to say what a wonderful day today appears to be.

It might be cold but the sun is shining and it looks glorious outside – I just have to get a few words out of me!

Secondly, it is my father’s 60th birthday today and I am increasingly immensely grateful for his influence upon my life, I’m not sure that he is going to be too appreciative of turning 60 but I think he should think of it as an achievement – ever close to being able to retire and do whatever the hell you want – the world can finally become your oyster.  That’ll be going to the horse racing every week, following Hull FC and Hull City more…sounds like a good life to me!  And maybe by time he retires he will be slightly more adept at using the internet and may even dare look at my blog and discover this post from 5 years ago?

I’ve also seen that one of the weather websites I frequent is going to run a competition to go storm chasing in USA – that is like my dream holiday, two weeks driving around strange towns full of people like George Bush chasing dangerous but often frustratingly elusive tornadoes.  The chance of winning is probably low especially if there is actually some work to do for it as I am very much an amateur in the world of meteorology, but I cannot afford the £2,000.00 or so that a storm chasing holiday would cost, so this is my only chance!

And I am still in such a good mood after a fantastic weekend in London with several wonderful and truly loved friends – Friday night at the Horse & Groom in Shoreditch which was a disco delight (though it was supposed to be Cargo for Ketoloco but someone, not me may I hasten to add, made quite an elemental mistake upon trying to enter said club and I had to go rescue them as they couldn’t be left wandering the streets of London by themselves), by all accounts I had a better night than those at Ketoloco as the music was apparently a bit gash.

Saturday we made it to fabric, which was exceptional as always, shame I died on my feet unusually early for me at 630am.  Every trip to fabric puts a huge smile on my face, and this was no different.  I had no expectations for any of the DJs but they all impressed.  I rather enjoyed the boumpty bump house of Derrick Carter, also the Freak n Chic guys in room 2 were very good, sometimes a little dull but then suddenly excellent – some good minimal classics thrown in too.

So of course I am in a good mood, I can laugh off any shit thrown at me, and I have a feeling that better things are just around the corner for me too with a little work and effort on my part.

All is good and I hope it is for you – back to work as I have a deadline to meet and I need to be out fairly sharpish to get a train to see two of my most wonderful friends (I have quite a few of these!) x

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