Hello Belarus

I had my first visitors to the blog from Belarus yesterday, and they spent a fair bit of time here so they must have enjoyed it. This is one of my favourite things about writing my blog – the seemingly random places where people have discovered my ramblings.

Belarus became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991, though some may argue that it isn’t especially independent from Russia nowadays – Russia sell them gas cheaply and Belarus stick up for Russian policy.

It is a land-locked country, with Russia to the east, Ukraine to the south and Poland to the west, with about 10million inhabitants.

25% of the country is inhabitable, due to Chernobyl.

Unemployment is 1.5% though I suspect this is because much of the economy is government-controlled – only one out of 31 banks are privately-owned, though they probably do a much better job than some in the west in recent years!

Hello Belarus!

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