Highlights Of The Day

This shouldn’t take too long to write then.

Another miserable and frustrating start to my working day but I am becoming somewhat used to it and have kind of immunized myself to it.  Or maybe that is the bacon and egg toasted sandwich that does that for me, hmm clogged arteries.

Nothing stays the same forever – I do miss the days when I used to enjoy coming into work – seems a very distant memory now.  But it won’t be like this forever.

On the bright side though, we have slightly less cheap toilet roll at work, an improvement from sandpaper.

And it is halfway through the week, though at this rate I won’t be waiting until Friday to get sloshed.

Frustratingly, I am stuck on one level on Angry Birds Halloween version and have been now for two weeks.  Level 3-12 – anyone any idea?

I still have money to spend from Christmas so I can see a shopping trip soon once my accomplice has been hired.  I must buy a big coat before the cold weather comes back (circa 25th January).

Also I have found two new top tunes.

And I am still quite tickled with my rebranding of a Cadbury’s Roses tin to Cadbury’s Racists – Which Colour Do You Hate?  See below post.

I do like writing my blog, it is quite therapeutic, it seems to encourage me to put negatives in a box and concentrate on positive things – even if that is just the quality of the toilet roll.

All is good/a delusion.

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