How To Assault Coppers And Get Away With It

You cannot say that I don’t write some really useful stuff on my blog.  This will help you if ever Labour get back in charge of the UK and we turn into Greece.

If you want to assault a police officer and get away with it, follow this young female student’s idea.

She noticed that the police officers were wearing helmets, and therefore concluded that it was “fine” to throw missiles at them, for a whole 15 minutes, before being arrested.

This seems an acceptable defence, as she only received a 6-week suspended sentence.  Granted it won’t help her employability when it comes to trying a get a job in the future, but it is hardly punishment.

I note she is moving to Belfast so she won’t have the opportunity to get involved in riots in the future.


Just in case there are any really stupid people reading this – this is not an encitement to violence, merely a little attempted humour.


Ooh, here’s a thought, does this mean I can throw missiles at pavement cyclists?  Happy days 🙂

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