How To Have Your Own Property Empire

One house not enough for you?

It is possible to have your own housing empire, in the beautiful city of Hull.

Firstly, for just £5,000.00 comes this little beauty:

Not quite fit to live in yet though

Next comes the wonderful sounding, Raywood Villas, for £19,500.00

Then also for £19,500.00, you can purchase this beautiful end of terrace 3-bedroom house, complete with it’s own mini-garden on the roof.
For £12,500.00 you can have this house which apparently has two bedrooms but the estate agent is unable to confirm and you cannot inspect the property before you purchase it.
Perhaps you would like your own modern studio apartment to live in, yours for just £29,995.00
Or you want a 3-bedroom terraced house.  Complete with modern furnishings inside, available for £39,950.00

Just beautiful, isn’t it?  Some of you perhaps prefer town centre living though, and this can be achieved for just £40,000.00.  Prime town centre property.  Just a short walk to Yate’s.
Or finally, maybe you really want to splash out on the luxury of a 3-bedroom semi-detached, complete with it’s own landfill site so you never have to make those annoying trips to the dump any longer.  Just £45,000.00
I think you will agree that for the price of one house down south, you can have a whole empire of housing in the beautiful city of Hull.

So next time you think about buying a house, consider buying 8 properties instead for the grand total of £211,445.00.
Think of Hull.  The destination for your property empire.
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