I Have Millions

Today I revisited my childhood and purchased some Millions.

So, a banana, some grapes, a sausage roll and a pack of millions – that is what I have decided to function on today.

It left me to think, what would I do if I had millions.  Millions of pounds, that is.

When I was growing up in Hull, I always said that if I won the lottery, I would buy Hull City.  Back then, a couple of million quid would have done.  In fact I recall the club being up for sale for £1 at one point – though at the time, that meant taking on the debt of about £1m.  A £1m debt now to a club like Hull City would be small change.

And anyway, I have lost my love for football over the years, I still enjoy it, but my passion is with music.

So if I had millions, I would have to open my own nightclub, in Reading.  It would be fashioned upon my experiences at fabric and Cocoon (Frankfurt).

I would aim for a capacity towards 1000, though with the option of extending it if it were to prove popular, and I would need a restaurant on the side, which would of course get a Michelin Star rating if I could persuade my very good friend and extremely talented chef, Ben Zagorski, to design and manage the restaurant side of things.

Inside, the club would have the full range of lighting effects, a Funktion One sound-system, and of course, some ice cannons.

Musically, I would try to persuade my very good friend, Matt Powell, to be resident DJ and help to set up a reputation as the best club in the south of England (outside of London, anyway), for underground house, techno, disco, etc.  And I would encourage all my other DJ friends to play here, too many to mention right now, but you know who you are.  And all my good friends would of course get free entry every night.

And there would be some kind of roof terrace to the building too, perfect for Sunday afternoon BBQ’s in the summer, or chilling out on a Friday/Saturday night.

Unfortunately, the only kind of millions I have right now, are of the candy variety, and even those are mostly gone now.  If anyone has an idea how I can earn millions so the above dream can come true, please let me know.  Or if anyone has millions and would like to invest in my idea, again, please let me know.

Keep dreaming, James.  One day…

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