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Did you know I love fabric? Look what brilliant apology I have just received for them cocking up the CD mailing up again for the second month in a row, hardly a surprise given what has gone on!


Have you ever forgotten to pay a house bill, and had the final court summons come through the post? That’s what this feels like. But on a really big level, where it affects more than just your own bank account, or your current flatmates – it affects thousands of your nearest and dearest around the world (that’s you guys).

Don’t worry – we’re getting there. We’re sorry it’s taking so long.

We don’t have all the answers just yet, so apologies in advance if this email seems clouded in mystery and seeping with vagueness… not intentional, it’s just that we’re sitting between a rock and a hard place. And we’re not sitting very comfortably at this exact moment. But we hope to stand up tall in a very short while.

We just hope you can give us your patience and understanding in the meantime.

Firstly, and sadly, your Zero T CD is still not ready to be released. You and your speakers will be treated to the impeccable mix as soon as we’ve ironed out all of these wrinkles. News soon come, and that’s a promise.

Your bank account will remain untouched, meanwhile – we won’t take payment until the CD is ready to be sent out. If you pay through Worldpay, you will have received an automated email saying July’s payment has been authorised – ignore that. Those automated services love to jump the gun. This transaction will be cancelled, so you won’t be out of pocket by any means.

We know, we know. This whole thing is wack. And it’s not what you signed up for. If we were you, we’d go picketing down Charterhouse Street and start rioting through Smithfield (but please don’t). We owe you in a big way. So as a small token of apology, to make up for it, we’ll give all y’all FREE entry to the club in July, August AND September!* Through the summer, and even a little into the autumn’s beginning. And your friends are our friends, standard – you can bring a friend in for the concession rate on any given night.

*Unfortunately, there is a tiny bit of small print to go with this gift. It’s not that it was too good to be true, it’s just that we still have those pesky bills to worry about. Of course your standard queue jump privilege still applies at all events, but there are a few exceptions to the free entry rule:
– Saturday, JULY 10TH – our massive half raveathon (15 hour nonstop party), ON.
fabricfirst members entry at concession rate (varies throughout the night).
– Saturday, AUGUST 23RD – our next ON party with Ricardo Villalobos.
fabricfirst members entry at concession rate (varies throughout the night).

For these next three events, the first 100 fabricfirst members free (+ 1 concession guest).
Thereafter fabricfirst members entry at concession rate (+ 1 guest at full price).
– Friday, JULY 2ND – Hospitality.
– Friday, AUGUST 8TH – RAM.
– Friday, SEPTEMBER 10TH – FWD>> + Rinse.

Last but by no means least, if you’re missing your new music fix, head to the exclusive fabricfirst members’ content at www.fabriclondon.com/fabricfirst/media.
There’s lots of little diamonds and gems waiting to be discovered, so get digging.

Any questions, feel free to hit up cds@fabriclondon.com


Woohoo 3 months free entry (except the Villalobos night, meh, they clearly know I fully intend to go to that one!). And I haven’t even had to pay the £7 subscription fee. What a beautiful friend of a nightclub. If only human beings could be like this 😉

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