I Want 50,000!

I have been blogging now for 21 months and have achieved a quite respectable 33,565 pageviews, however I want more – I want to reach the magical number of 50,000.

Not quite sure why 50,000 has magical properties but it is a solid round number and just sounds a lot better – I cannot really put 33,565 on my CV to impress future employers can I?

My average weekly readership has gone down over the last month or so – I suspect because Facebook has changed and not as many people will see my blog links on their news ticker any more.

However a carefully placed mention of for example, a review of fabric’s birthday, and my visitors shoot up.

However I am a long way away from 50,000 and I doubt I will get there before the Olympics at this rate.

What to do?

I may have to resort back to posting pictures of girls in bikini’s.

So, here is a picture of Miss Hull.

I look forward to reaching 40,000 pageviews in total by Monday.

Ooh, guess where I am going in a couple of hours?

Fish & Chips O’Clock 🙂

Have a good weekend x

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