The Importance of Cheryl Cole to Society

Yes, I am writing about Cheryl Cole.

The emergence of Cheryl Cole as the “nation’s sweetheart” (so I read anyway) I predict will play an important role in reducing chav culture, reducing teenage pregnancy, increasing education levels and reducing crime committed, by the younger end of the population in the UK.

How come, you may ask?

Well my theory is that ever since Princess Diana died, the country has not really had a female figurehead to care about and follow that they can truly respect, that upholds certain standards and that the general population is able to look up to. And that your mum likes!

What we have had since 1997 is talentless vacuous slobs and wannabe chavs hogging the limelight – I’m thinking Jordon, Jade Goody and some bimbo called Jodie (I forget her last name, I think she is from Essex, I don’t think her last name matters).

Hardly role models, hardly setting an example for the young to follow. Hence the downfall in societal standards and the perceived impression many have of Broken Britain (it isn’t broken but that is another argument).

But Cheryl Cole on the other hand seems quite sweet, polite, well-dressed and perhaps has a modicum of talent (I cannot judge this but other people suggest she actually does).

She has the potential to grow her role as a role model for the young, and also to represent the UK internationally – pretty much like Princess Diana did.

So there – finally a celebrity I approve of that doesn’t spend all weekend flying around the world playing repetitive beats in dark rooms to thousands of people off their head on a cocktail of drugs.

Though I still prefer a sausage roll.


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2 responses to “The Importance of Cheryl Cole to Society

  1. Are you seriously comparing Cole to Lady Diana?

    She's only the latest ""role model"" (double inverted commas!) because of the recent media coverage of her husbands infidelities and asuccessful pop music career.

    Has everyone forgotten how she battered the f**k out of a toilet attendant because she wasn't allowed a lollipop?

    Role model? Pah! Flimshaw!

  2. But that incident was back in 2003, she was 20 years old.

    I'd like to think I am not judged on what I did when I was 20.

    And yes I am comparing her role in society to Lady Diana's prior role.

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