Instant Messaging

Does anyone still use instant messaging in their personal lives?

I still find it very useful at work to get an instant response from someone, but in my personal life, it has become pretty redundant, thanks to Facebook, and has been redundant for some time.

In fact, it wasn’t really necessary in the first place as telephones are even better at achieving a goal of an instant answer.

I do believe that poor communication causes a lot of problems in our lives, and where technology should have made things easier, it has actually made it worse. The digital revolution has crept up on us all and we don’t really fully understand it. It will take some more years yet I think for everything to be smooth and for everyone to be connected like we should be.

I don’t blame individuals as such, just that the pace of change has been too difficult to grasp, and technology keeps advancing at a rate that we just cannot keep up with.

Interesting article in the link which backs up that nobody uses IM any more.

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