Oh the irony.

I’ve been looking forward to finishing my current role with my employer and starting a new role, still with my employer, who I fully trust I can build my long-term career with.

Even more than that, I have been looking forward to having a week off work, to relax and wind-down, and get ready and motivated for my new role.

So of course, on my last afternoon, I receive an e-mail advising that on my first day back, I will have to attend a court hearing, relating to something from the role I am leaving behind. Of which I would need to spend a lot of time preparing (ie the week of holiday I so desperately need). And I have never had to do attend any of the court hearings in the past 3 years of employment in this role.

This is irony in its truest form and it is happening to me.

I trust that posting this is acceptable to my employer (and anyone else) as there are no details of what the case is, however if anyone reads it and finds it unacceptable please do tell me.

I just had to get it off my mind though.


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