James On The Radio!

My very good friend, Rick Maia, has a radio show 6-8pm every Tuesday evening on Global1FM, playing a nice, fairly deep house groove – this week he not only had the excellent Matt Powell as a guest DJ, but also his excellency himself, yes me, James Winfield – though not as a DJ (I only DJ in Ibiza, sorry), but as a weather forecaster.

Click here to listen to the whole show – my forecast is around the 1 hr 47 minute mark.

Fame at last!

Also worth a mention is Ricardo Villalobos who I think has to now be my favourite DJ (sorry Sven) – I have discovered an hour set (or probably an hour of an 8 hour set more accurately) and surprise, surprise, I know none of the tracks on there and they all blow mind mind.  Totally recommend it.

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