Slight Lack Of Education

As a Hull City fan, I do from time to time browse the BBC 606 message board for Hull City gossip and came across this gem of a post from a Millwall fan.  Now I know that education levels in Hull are slightly lacking but nothing in comparison to this.  Anyone able to help me translate?


r lookin 4ward 2 april 4 a repeat of dis

den we gna celebrate in style by gettin smashed to phat beats like this


exactly bruv da millwall boiz r gna b back in town n tearin it up again


my ex was givin birth dat day so i couldnt go bt im making sure im der dis time init. my m8s who went said it was SICCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!


cunning m8 pussys like u r a disgrace 2 millwall. ur changin wot our club has been built on 4 years u mug cant

(this was after another Millwall fan critised him for encouraging football violence)


peter bruv u wudnt b sayin dat if u wer at da den so save it 4 wen we at ur place. we gna tear dat s h i t hole up again m8 dnt dowt it. n wer gna giv u anova 4nil beatin son



u all just cant handle me im 2 street 4 u. u boyz wait we gona bring it 2 u when we come 2 ur dump ov a ground. wer gona rip it up m8 brapppp

(getting a little predictable now)


techno techno techno techno techno!

Millwall r da best
better den da rest
hull r so weeak
wer gona make em weep
rude boi out

Brrrrapp brrraaaap brrrrrpp

(please don’t tell me he goes to the same nightclubs I do!)


i am an MC m8 its wot i do wen not watchin millwall beat c r a p teams like hull init.

Brilliant.  I hope I get to meet him at fabric one day.

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