Lineswomen, Brazil & My Football Bet

I’m a little perturbed about the fuss over Richard Keys and Andy Gray being derogatory towards a female linesman.

After all, if women can be derogatory towards men with accusations of manflu, then what is wrong with stating that women don’t understand the offside rule?

I’m going to go one step further and state my strong dislike for hearing that woman who commentates on football on the BBC. It just sounds wrong.

As would anyone commentating on rugby league that didn’t smoke 40 a day, drink 15 pints of bitter a night and come from some backwards northern town like Featherstone.

Nor would I want to see a guy play Juliet in Romeo And Juliet.

Some things are not to be messed with.

However, I have just come across a lineswoman from Brazil. I might be about to change my mind…


On another topic, I’m a bit skint at the moment.  Nothing too serious, but this 6 weekend month since the last pay-day has put a dint into my overdraft of a few hundred quid.

I had a football bet on Saturday – not often I do it but was encouraged by my sister.  I picked 5 teams in an accumalator, Aston Villa to beat Man City, Sunderland to beat Blackpool, Fulham to beat Stoke, West Ham to beat Everton, Newcastle to beat Tottenham.

I don’t think any of these were favourites but all were winning come injury time – until Everton and Tottenham both scored.

Bastards.  I would have won just over £200 for a £1 stake.  Would have done very nicely!!

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