Mapping Stereotypes

This is quite a funny site – maps of Europe according to other countries.

My favourite countries according to the USA:
Spain = Mexico
Portugal = Brazil
Russia = Commies
Italy = Godfathers
Germany = Dirty Porn

According to France:
Sweden = Meatball Eaters
Turkey = Definitely Not Europeans
Poland = Plumbers

According to Germany:
UK = Enigma Code Hackers
Sweden = Ikea
Russia = Gas Vault

According to Italy:
North Italy = Italian Republic
South Italy = Ethopia
Corsica = Somalia
Turkey = Belly Dancers
Belguim = Europe

According to Britain:
Most of Europe = Evil Federated Empire of Europe
Holland = Drugs
Germany = Dirty Porn
Poland = Beer
Bulgaria & Romania = Immigrants

And many more – enough for 5 minutes amusement.

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