May Blog Stats Update

My main blog, thoughts predictions and rants has seen a very large increase in visitors. From 299 in the month of February, to 1,058 during the month of May.

Sadly, much of this increase is just because I blogged about the demise of the Daily Sport and included an upskirt picture of Cheryl Cole that was featured on the last issue.

Total since I started it is 4,451 from 100 different countries/territories.

The most popular other post in May in the Sven Vath at fabric review which got 152 visitors – delighted with this.


Next my top tunes blog, slight increase from last month to 238 visitors. Well down from December’s 400 – that was the excitment of Walk & Talk by Benoit & Sergio, where I used to be the top listing on Google searches for this very popular track.

Still the second most popular track, the most popular being the Jamie Jones remix of Art Department’s ‘Without You’.

A total of 2,119 visitors in total from 81 countries, pleasingly popular considering the work that goes into discovering new tunes.


Next is my new little baby, the weather blog. Only 53 visitors in May but I expect it to increase in time. Since I have separated the weather forecasts from my main blog, I have increased my average visitors per forecast a bit.


And finally my very newest one, DJ mixes. Sadly only 3 unique visitors so far, but I only first mentioned it last week so it will take a little while to generate awareness. I don’t think that I have mentioned it on Facebook yet which is one of the main sources of visitors.

I have tried twittering some pages but only ever had a handful of visitors to my blogs from Twitter so yet to be convinced of its use.

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