Merry Christmas Everyone (Or Happy Sunday Bacon-haters!)

I decided against sending individual Christmas messages to friends as I just have way too many people in my phone book now – and I certainly am not sending a generic message out, not quite my style.

So I thought I would wish all the truly important people in my life a Merry Christmas – my blog readers!

All 40,698 of you across 126 countries – I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

And to help get you into the spirit, I thought you would appreciate a picture of your favourite saint:

Oops, wrong one…

With a selection of my favourite presents – as Tony might say on TV – didn’t he do well?

But Christmas is a time for giving as well as receiving, so I thought I would offer a gift to all of my readers, which is a picture of my Christmas cracker gift, just after Christmas dinner.

I really hope you appreciate this:

And finally, proof that even I can get a Christmas kiss:

Ho ho ho.

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