Met Office Humour

I can see now why I didn’t get the BBC weather-forecasting contract when it was renewed.  It isn’t just the fact that I only have fridge magnets rather than fancy computer graphics, to display the weather (and only 8 different temperatures to use that only go up to 25’C…not that I need anything higher than that unless I move to Ibiza one day…dream on, James!).  It is clearly the fact that my sense of humour is somewhat limited.

I have come across the above collection of humour from one particular weather forecaster (one assumes Michael Fish was also joking about the hurricane…there is a video of him doing Big Fish Cardboard Box on a Global Gathering weather forecast floating about somewhere, ahem).

This weather forecaster, not one of my favourites I add, previously called the Western Iles off Scotland, “nowheresville”, called Glastonbury “muddy shite” and has now stuck up his middle finger to a BBC news presenter live on air.

I still think the Met Office should consider employing me but only if they agree to re-locate to Reading.

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