Met Office Wins BBC Contract

I note that the Met Office have won the BBC contract to supply the weather forecasts for the next 5 years.

This surprises me as in my eyes their integrity has been greatly damaged, and there are more accurate weather forecasting organisations on the internet.

There are still a few excellent forecasters at the Met Office, such as Rob McKellwee, however there are too many poor ones, and as an organisation, it is far too obsessed with the limp idea of man-made global warming, which I suspect is to help it pander to the previous government and their obsession with the global warming farce. I still suspect that their models may have been involved in predicting the Swine Flu epidemic that I somehow managed to survive last year. Along with no planes dropping out of the air following the vast expanse of volcanic ash, the SARS epidemic, and BSE. I survived them all, can you believe?

In case you are wondering why I did not win the BBC contract, well that is because I did not tender for it. Why you may ask? Well my fridge magnet display is not up to the standards of the graphics that the Met Office supply, they don’t give quite the accepted level of detail.

I know, if I had got my back-side in gear, then it probably would have been mine for the taking, but you probably know what I am like by now, I like an easy life.

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