Midweek Report

What have I got to report?  Not a huge amount really, just plodding along, trying to be productive at work and home before the inevitable happens towards the weekend and I become incapable of anything other than rolling around and mumbling incoherently – you love me for it, I am sure.

It has been a better week for finding new top tunes, much better than last week.  And I am trying to eat a bit healthier this week – I normally do eat fairly healthy with plenty of fruit and veg, but I am a sucker for sausage rolls and bacon and egg sandwiches – my financial situation is kind of stopping me from wasting money on things like breakfast at work – £120 to last 15 more days.  Oh shit.

And I have agreed on a roadtrip to Birmingham on Friday, oops.  I’m not backing out though, I would probably spend something similar in Reading going out somewhere, so I may as well have added fun and excitement of a roadtrip and also be guaranteed excellent music – something which happens in Reading once in a blue moon.  If I get trashed enough on a cheap bottle of vodka or similar and need to spend all day Saturday recovering and therefore feel too hungover to go out, that should mean I save money.  And then just one weekend until pay-day.  Though it seems miles away at the moment.  What am I going to do to achieve an improved financial situation?

The only other thing of note is that it is now more expensive than ever to escape Hull – the Humber Bridge is now to become the most expensive bridge to cost in the UK. Jokes about discouraging folk like me from infecting the rest of the country welcomed.

It is actually quite an impressive structure, and until a few years back was the longest single span suspension bridge in the world. Perhaps it was the only one? Similar to The Deep – the world’s only submarium.

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