Miraj Computers

I feel the need to blog where credit is due.

I spend enough time moaning about companies that provide terrible service, or at least not up to my standards, and I am very pleased that my expectations have been exceeded (and no I’m not getting a discount or anything for saying this).

My PC broke, which after moving house, buying a new PC was the last expense I needed.

However my good friend, Ellie, suggested Miraj Computers, on London Street in Reading, might be able to repair it.

I was impressed not only by the quick turnaround – I took it in on Sunday evening and it was repaired by Wednesday morning (they were closed bank holiday Monday), they charged £35 for a diagnostic check then just £30 for the part.

Far cheaper than buying a new computer!

If only everything in life was this simple, efficient and cost-effective.  Anyway, should you need your computer repairing, they come with my recommendation.

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