Monday Morning Blues

Ahh, Monday morning arrives again. A severe reluctance to get out of bed this morning. A dawning realisation that I have spent too much money yet again this weekend, achieved nothing and not gained as much enjoyment out of it as the amount that I spent should have achieved.

More than anything right now, I have an extremely strong desire for a good night’s clubbing. I always feel so revitalised, even on a Monday morning, after a good dance at fabric or the likes, hearing amazing music and being with like-minded souls.

Three months without going is way too long, especially considering the amount of money I am wasting at the moment. I didn’t even manage to get my hair cut, which is now probably 3 months I have been promising myself that I would get it cut at the weekend.

Forgive me for moaning, it is a Monday morning after all, and if I am not annoyed with myself for wasting so much money then I will just keep on wasting it in annoying fashion until I have nothing to waste.

I need to re-learn the art of budgeting. And find someone to go clubbing with or find the balls to go by myself! After all even when I go with someone I seem to spend half the night on my own wondering where everyone is! I know it might sound illogical to want to spend £100 on a night’s clubbing just one sentence after moaning about wanting to save money but I call it a wise investment.

All is not lost though. Fingers crossed I have a couple of good weekends coming up. And I have just discovered a hot new house track. And I am going to spend much of the rest of the day doing an online training course on html which is an excellent way to spend the working day on learning something that interests me and might eventually allow me to improve the look and feel of my blog, maybe ready for my blog’s first anniversary in January. And I think I am just hearing a new track by Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire which is rather excellent techno.

So where there is darkness, can come light. Even on a Monday morning.

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  1. "So where there is darkness, can come light. Even on a Monday morning. " And I leave your blog with this echoing in my mind :o)

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