Monday Warblings

Good morning readers.

I cannot say that I am exactly over the moon about the fact that it is Monday.  I like my bed especially on a cold morning.  However on the bright side, I have a new desk and I am quite happy with the positioning of it – I’m on the third floor and at the opposite end of the building so now I get to watch all the cars attempting to navigate the poor lay-out of the new junction 11 of the M4 which cost a bargainous £60million and managed to employ lots of workers during the recession who seemed to do nothing but talk for 2 years and when one was working, there were two idly watching.  Perhaps they were following health and safety rules.

I had a slightly disappointing weekend, it didn’t quite live up to the previous fun-packed weekend – I felt too tired to go out on Friday night, but in hindsight I wish I had pushed myself as there are always ways to liven oneself up if one so desires – I hope I learn my lesson.

Then on Saturday evening I wanted a pie from Sweeney Todd’s.  I love their pies.  I was so looking forward to my favourite – chicken, broccoli and stilton.  So imagine my disappointment, and near fury, when I arrived to find just two vegetarian ones and steak & Oyster which may well be a true delicacy but I was not feeling especially adventurous – I just wanted a beer and a pie.  A trustworthy pie.

And then on Sunday, I ventured to the delightful Oakford Social Clun for a roast dinner, and was disgusted to find peas on my plate despite my demand to not have peas on the plate.  Now sweetcorn I can deal with despite not liking it – but peas, for anyone who doesn’t know me that well, I have a real issue as I really do not trust their lack of discipline.  They get everywhere, and move around of their own accord and, well, they cannot be trusted.

That and the concrete carrots, the potatoes which required a chainsaw to slice, and the gravy which was thinner than water and less tasty than cat piss led to quite a disappointment.  I must get back to cooking my own roast dinners on a Sunday, which whilst not the tastiest food in the world is far from a world of disappointment and with the world’s best gravy from Goldenfry which has recently found it’s way down south and it thicker than cement, even the most under or over-cooked meat in the world can taste rather delicous.  Plus I can choose my vegetables.  And I can splash out on expensive meat and it will still cost less than £8.50.  Though I wouldn’t get to enjoy the delightful surroundings and wonderful company.

Roll on Friday.  Or perhaps Thursday at the Oakford – anyone up for it?!

Feel free to engage me in conversation – I love a bit of week-day entertainment.

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5 responses to “Monday Warblings

  1. Hello bro,

    I hear you have a visit from parents this weekend? lucky you!
    I have a free weekend but not so free i have 3 invites – Reading, Stamford, Swindon or Northampton ha
    i had my first ever filling today – the people lied to me no needles involved just modern technology and lasers! no numb mouth it was amazing xxx

  2. I do indeed, two in one year – I am blessed. I've only been to 'Ull once!

    Are you coming for a visit? The Oracle switch their lights on and have a firework display if that is enough to convince you. x

  3. ooo sounds pretty but i realised i will see you in two weeks so i might go stamford unless someone exciting is switching your lights on ha?

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