New Labour Leader

I wasn’t really bothered about who would be the next Labour leader but I thought it was about time they had one.
I’m sure the chance of you caring is pretty limited too. But I like a bit of politics so tough shit if you are not interested – go read The Sun.  Or better still, something else on my blog.
As a Conservative voter, and strong supporter of the coalition government – I want it to last the full 5 years. I fully believe that this is the best chance of our economy and society being repaired.
Labour are the deficit deniers – they seem to deny that it exists (though David Miliband was a little more realistic), and deny that anything has to be done about it. I strongly believe that if they had won the election, our credit rating would have gone down, our deficit would grow and we would have come closer to bankruptcy – and in the long run, much more severe cuts would have come, and probably not of the government’s choosing.
Anyway, Labour have elected Ed Miliband. I am fairly happy with this as I do not think he is a strong enough politician to attack the coalition. I don’t think the public are willing to support someone left of centre. Albeit he is now denying that he is, now that he has been elected. Surprise, surprise – another shape-shifter in charge of the Labour party.
Had David Miliband won, they might have been a little more electable to the general public, but then again he is a wet blanket.

I have to be satisfied with the outcome. The longer Labour stay out of power – the better for our economy, society, and standing in the world.

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