Other Weather Forecasts

I can see why people don’t like the weather forecasts they receive from other sources – I hope this government privatises the Met Office so it can do its job properly.

It has an excellent reputation and in my eyes is currently being tarnished with bad forecasting, probably a relationship with the media.

Last night was such an obvious case, where it seemed the presenter was too scared of the consequences of people not understanding what she was saying.

She forecasted the weather for Friday and Saturday, but only the temperature for Sunday, and then carried on with the weather for Monday and Tuesday.

The reason why? I expect it is because she is, like myself, uncertain over whether there will be a thunderstorm on Sunday, and anything she says in the media, will sadly be held against her. So better to say nothing.

I however am free! I can tell you that there is a chance of a thunderstorm on Sunday. Just a chance. Maybe 30% likely?

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