People Will Read Anything

A busy day on the blog for visitors yesterday with 30 unique visitors – from 8 different countries.  I will achieve world peace.  Maybe a couple of years away still.

My most popular post was that of “What Are My Plans For The Next 6 Hours” – possibly my most pointless post ever.  Proving that people will read anything.

My most popular posts ever are:

Cocoon In The Park (150 views)
Gay Footballers (44 views)
Women DJs (43 views)
Why I Am Voting Conservative (43 views)

Just 4 visitors to my top tunes blog, but that does need some developing still.

I hope that is a little more interesting than my very average evening last night (which suited me perfectly).

By the way, I am finally on top of my washing and ironing.  Happy days.

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