Plan For Today And Ideas For The Weekend

The first task of the day was to admire just how right I was in predicting this sunny and warm interlude quite far in advance on my weather blog, and then to feel very smug about it.

The second task was to get to work and request the afternoon as holiday.  Mission accomplished.

The third task was to find someone to have a beer with.  Hello JP.

This is such a ridiculously lovely day that I just have to find time to appreciate it fully.

No plans as such for the weekend, but I have ideas.

My very good friend, Ben Zagorski, is doing some foody stuff for Eat Reading Live, so I will go down on Saturday to Reading town centre, I believe that he is outside the Town Hall, though the itinery of who and what is on where completely confused me so I am just heading there for 1pm (ish).

Saturday night’s in June for fabric members like me, means free entry!  And £10 for my guest.  Art Department are playing.  I want to go, but nobody else seems game so I guess it won’t happen.

Better start enjoying the sunshine…there might be some ‘enjoyable’ rain this time next week.

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