Pleasantly Average

Good morning, folks, how are you?  Not sure why I bothered asking as I hardly ever get any comments added!

I had a pleasantly average weekend, a few drinks yesterday at the Oakford, and a few at this little bar called Up The Junction, at the famous Cemetary Junction, perhaps quite a few as I don’t recall getting home.  Though I do remember watching a 1.5 hour documentary on the Afghanistan cricket team when I got home.

It is bloody freezing in the office today.  All my efforts are in trying to keep warm.  I have manned up and reported it to facilities.  Apparently, there are health and safety laws setting a minimum working temperature of 16’C.  Sadly I cannot find any requirement for management to send staff home if this is not met!

I don’t really have anything else to say.  All I need to do is make it through to the end of the day so I can have some gravy…or maybe some fish?

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