Project Black

I took this week off on holiday with the goal of becoming the blackest person from Hull.  Not only did I think I could persuade all remaining young women yet to have fallen for my charms that I had a massive cock, I would also be able to scare all ignorant scumbags out that there I was about to rob them.

Yes the forecast, my forecast of course, was for lots of sunshine.

But yet I is still white.  A shade of pink and a shade of brown too but they will definitely still let me into the office next week.  Damn.

I had lots of other goals for this week, including doing lots of studying, updating Ubereadoolische, learning more Photoshop and doing a logo for Ubereadoolische, lots of blog posts, update my music collection, sort out my cds for next time I DJ, practice mixing – so many plans.  My to-do lists were huge.

Instead, I got drunk.

I have spent most of this week either drunk or hungover.  I say most, 70%, and that does include the weekend just gone and the most excellent boat party.

On the plus side I have bought myself a new ipod thing – a Cowon X9.  Yes I had never heard of them either but Apple products are shit, all fancy design but shit sound and I wanted the best sound for my price range.

I’ve only had it 2 days, I have got it out of it’s box but that is all.  That is next on the million thing to-do list.

So I am a bit pissed off with myself for wasting my week off.  I really wanted to use it to see how I would do if I was working full-time on web design.  The answer is that I would do shit and become bankrupt very quickly as I have no self-discipline.

Though maybe I just needed a holiday and a rest.

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